From: Yinghai Lu on
the new lmb could be used to early_res in x86.

Suggested by: David, Ben, and Thomas

First three patches should go into 2.6.34

-v6: change sequence as requested by Thomas
-v7: seperate them to more patches
-v8: add boundary checking to make sure not free partial page.
-v9: use lmb_debug to control print out of reserve_lmb.
add e820 clean up, and e820 become __initdata

> size vmlinux.*
text data bss dec hex filename
20195694 4149812 12627536 36973042 23429f2 vmlinux.before_lmb_patchset
20198187 4163892 12614736 36976815 23438af vmlinux.after_lmb_patchset

[ 12.124431] Freeing unused kernel memory: 2740k freed
[ 11.514822] Freeing unused kernel memory: 2764k freed

So We move about 24k to .init

Please check


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