From: Tobias Klauser on
This is the third version of the patchset to add the serial drivers for the
Altera UARTs. I made the corrections suggested by Alan Cox on top of the second
version submitted on 01 Mar 2010.

Changes from v2 to v3:

- altera_uart: Copy old termios settings back and set baud rate
- altera_uart: Remove board specific DTR/DCD macros

Changes from v1 to v2:

- altera_jtaguart: Implement altera_jtaguart_set_termios
- altera_jtaguart: Protect port.tty in altera_jtaguart_rx_chars
- altera_uart, altera_jtaguart: Don't depend on EMBEDDED
- altera_jtaguart: Correct check for co->index
- altera_uart: Correct check for co->index

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