From: Michal Nazarewicz on
Hello again,

Michal Nazarewicz (7):

USB: gadget: storage_common: fixed warning building mass storage

This fixes a warning in the storage_common.c file.

USB: gadget: g_multi: fixed vendor and product ID
USB: gadget: g_ffs: fixed vendor and product ID

Those fix the product and vendor IDs of the g_multi and g_ffs

Greg, could you pull the above three patches regardless of the status
of next four. The first one was already sent and no one seemed to
have any troubles with it. The second and the third are trivial

USB: gadget: composite: Better string override handling

This fixes the string override in the composite framework.

David, could you look at it again and point out where exactly does it
use an unmanaged serial number, please? I still don't see it...

USB: gadget: mass_storage: moved strings handling code to composite
USB: gadget: functionfs: code cleanup
USB: gadget: g_multi: moved strings handling code to composite

Those change g_mass_storage, g_ffs and g_multi to use new
functionality of the composite layer. In previous patchset I sent
it as a single patch, splatted it as per David's request.

drivers/usb/gadget/composite.c | 95 +++++++++++++++++++++++------------
drivers/usb/gadget/g_ffs.c | 85 ++++++++++---------------------
drivers/usb/gadget/mass_storage.c | 72 ++------------------------
drivers/usb/gadget/multi.c | 23 ++-------
drivers/usb/gadget/storage_common.c | 10 ++--
include/linux/usb/composite.h | 13 +++++
6 files changed, 120 insertions(+), 178 deletions(-)

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