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Troubleshoot Adobe Reader installation for Windows

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JB wrote:
> My problem is that I have Adobe Reader 9 up to date but cannot open pdf
> files. Any ideas on that?
From: Tecknomage on
On Thu, 8 Apr 2010 16:30:36 +0100, "JB" <open(a)> wrote:

> I have XP Home
> I downloaded Softonic PDF x-change viewr from
> but still can't open pdf files
> and I am unable to get rid of the downloaded file. It will not delete. Did
> I download a virus!!???
> Help
> JB


I have to ask, Adobe Reader is FREE. It reads (aka views) PDF files.
All Version Download:

Of course it does not edit, but most PDF files are protected from
editing anyway, that's a main function of PDF file format, Copy Right

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