From: glen herrmannsfeldt on
Nathan <ngreco32(a)> wrote:

> Here's MIX1 in it's entirety:

Wow, fixed form Fortran with actual sequencing information
in columns 73-80!

(big snip)

> Z) CHA16060

Be careful with that one. All variables not starting with I-N
are now double precision instead of default real.

> XIN(*),T(*),P(*),ACEN(*) CHA16070

Fortran 77 style assumed size arrays.

(big snip)

> Now, after having written this and tested as some have suggested... I
> found that indeed it was the debugger only displaying the first value
> of the arrays whilst when running, it actually does pass in every
> element.

Some debuggers know about C, but not so much about Fortran.
It isn't easy for them to tell the difference between an array
and a scalar. If you want to be sure, just add some PRINT
statements to your program, and print them out. (Just for
debugging purposes.)

> I guess my problem now is trying to hunt down where a variable is
> "mysteriously" changing values...
> (Note the "erroneous" value of CONC(1))

-- glen