From: Christian Kujau on

OK, the "Treason uncloaked" messages have been reworded[0][1] to now say
"Peer [...] unexpectedly shrunk window", but the messages continue to
appear. On a small Tor node (~100KB/s, ~200 connections) I'm getting ~2000
or so messages per month in my kernel log (and on the console).

I see that it's logged with KERN_DEBUG, is there anyway to suppress
those, i.e. some magic tcp specific bootparameter? Or is setting
loglevel=6 the only way to supress them? But that's a global option :-\

Since the messages always say "repaired", why log them at all? If we can't
do something about the remote side, I fail to see the point of these
messages or what one is supposed to do to "fix" them.

Thanks for your insights,

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