From: Panu on
Casey Hawthorne wrote:
> Interesting comment on this blog by Shae:
> Shae re: Which Is More Beautiful Architecture - FP or OOP?
> "Perhaps a design pattern describes an impedance mismatch between
> reality and a particular programming language?"

That's on target I think.

There are "forces" that force
you choose a particular solution.
(Impedance is about forces, right?)

What is possible in a given programming
language, is one of those forces. But
so is what is possible in programming,
in general, regardless of the language.

A good example of the effect of the
language is the proverbial Singleton
pattern. In Smalltalk every class is
an object just like any other. So it
is naturally a "Singleton".

For a Smalltalker the pattern Singleton
is somewhat confusing, like trying
to talk to a fish about the great
invention called water.

-Panu Viljamaa