From: John Yeung on
On Dec 13, 5:23 pm, martin.sch...(a) (Martin Schöön) wrote:
> r0g <aioe....(a)> writes:
> > You'll probably find the majority of code in a GUI
> > app is boring window handling stuff [...]
> > Also, they probably didn't make it with
> > QT which is fairly different from GTK.
> Tk is what they used.

Well, on the surface then, it would seem that it might be easier to
just use Python's included Tkinter for the GUI bits. However, PyQt is
widely regarded as a nicer and more capable package.

From: Simon Brunning on
2009/12/25 Aahz <aahz(a)>:
> I'd write an imperial to metric converter in Python  ;-)

Should be possible to use unum (<>) to do the
conversions. The SI units are already defined - adding in any
necessary imperial units should be easy enough.

Simon B.