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I have a problem using Pickle inside a class object.

The following code works:

m2 = markov_model.MarkovModel()
m2 = pickle.load(open("prueba", 'rb'))
print m2.n

However, if I create the following method inside markov_model.MarkovModel:

def load_model_from_file(self, name):
file = open(name, 'rb')
self = pickle.load(file)
except pickle.PicklingError:
print "PicklingError"

and then run:

m2 = markov_model.MarkovModel()
print m2.n

it says that 'MarkovModel' object has no attribute 'n'. If the printing of
'n' i put it inside (at the end) of the method load_model_from_file as
'print self.n' it works.

How can i solve this?

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