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On 03/11/10 01:37, Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> En Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:54:27 -0300, Martin P. Hellwig
> <martin.hellwig(a)> escribi�:
>> Before I start reinventing a squared wheel, I have the following
>> question:
>> Is there already a (standard) module that wraps around the various
>> os/sys information which checks if the platform + version is supported
>> for what I want to do with it.
> In case you were not aware of it: see the platform module. But you'll have
> to do the checks yourself (based on the info it returns).
Thanks for the reminder, it indeed slipped my mind.

As Python features are luckily mostly platform independent, I am not
sure if a convenient 'platform requirement check' module would be worth
the energy creating it, any thoughts on that?

For clarity purpose I re'added (and adapted) in what lines I was thinking:
test = RequirePlatform(do_not_raise=True)
# If do_not_raise is not set or False, an error will be raised
# after a failed require line, otherwise just continue.

test.require(key='test1', platform='freebsd', version_min='2.2')
# If the platform is anything else but FreeBSD 2.2 onwards return False
# and store the result of the test.
# Result of the require (and any additional tests
# can be accessed using the index operators;

if test['test1']:
Other requirements like architecture, python vm type/version, cpu
features, etc. Might also be nice to have.