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> "Shenan Stanley" <newshelper(a)> wrote:
>> Jo-Anne wrote:
> [...]
>> Why the cross-post to security.homeusers?
> Why didn't you fix that? Done.
>> If you have "Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007", why do you need
>> "Powerpoint 2007 viewer"?
> To have the smaller and less vulnerable Office viewers registered as
> default applications for their appropriate document formats?!
> Just in case that someone sends you an infected *.pp* (or *.doc or
> *.xls),
> as protection against VBA code or macros etc?

Normally a good idea. In this case a viewer (rather than a full blown
viewer/editor) is what is supplied as the default program for 'viewing'
in the full blown application I believe - and for the reasons you
mentioned. I still think the "Word" viewer is needed as the default for
avoiding the full blown "Word" application's macro threats.

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"Harry Johnston [MVP]" <harry(a)> wrote in message
> Jo-Anne wrote:
>> Thank you, Shenan! This is more than I thought I'd need and possibly more
>> than I'm qualified to do, especially when it involves the registry. A few
>> more notes and questions, though:
> You probably don't need to go through Shenan's process, as Microsoft have
> confirmed that the problem you describe is at their end; i.e., there isn't
> anything wrong with your Windows Update installation - or if there is it
> is only by coincidence!
>> * I tried to uninstall PPTVIEW.EXE, but I could find no way to do it.
>> It's not listed in Add/Remove Programs; when I right-clicked on it, there
>> was no option to uninstall it; and when I ran it, there appeared to be no
>> option to uninstall it. Could you tell me how to uninstall viewers?
> PPTVIEW.EXE is included with Powerpoint. I don't think you can remove it.
>> * Probably because I haven't installed the Office suite on my newest
>> computer, I do have the most current PPTVIEW.EXE on it. Would it be OK
>> for me to either (a) copy the newer version from one computer to the
>> others;
> Yes. This is the workaround Microsoft recommended.
> Harry.
> --
> "I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can
> only
> foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free
> drinks."
> - Bruce Schneier

Thank you, Harry! I updated the file on both computers, and they're no
longer showing PPTVIEW.EXE as insecure. I'm relieved.


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