From: Jimmy Ionic on
I have an Excel-file which was created in Microsoft Office 2003 on my
desktop, which runs Windows XP.

I also have 2 devices: 1) Qtek S110 with Windows Mobile 2003 SE и Pocket
Excel installed on it, 2) new Rover with Windows Mobile 6 and new Excel 6.1
as of 2007. Both are fully licensed with valid Microsoft licenses.

The Excel-file contains Russian Cyrillic symbols, and when I open it on Qtek
it shows the right text as in originaly created file. However when I open the
same file on Rover with new version of mobile Excel, the text is displayed as
some kind of pseudo-symbols with hearts and squares all over the place so
there is no way I can read it.

I'd appreciate if someone could advise me re: how to resolve the problem of
displaying the right format of text.
From: Beverly Howard on
>> some kind of pseudo-symbols <<

Sounds like a classic case of os font substitution.

If they are in a truetype font, copy that font to the \windows\fonts
directory on the ppc and reboot then see if that addressed the problem

Beverly Howard