From: Boza on
When configuring exchange 2003 to use OWA with digital certificates I
get the following error when trying to sign a message:

"A digital ID that allows you to sign this message is missing. If your
digital ID isn't trusted by the Exchange Server, you can't use it to
sign messages...."

Following some technet and Microsoft guides I added the CA Certificate
to some points:

* MMC -> Certificates ( local computer & User )
* MMC -> PKI Enterprise

I noticed also, that CRL in PKI Enterprise configuration is

OS : Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise with SP2
Exchange 2003 + SP1 + SP2

the S/MIME control is downloaded so I can try to sign the message at
New Dialog, the problem is causing when using SmartCard Certificate or
Software one.

cannot got a clue ?