From: Anonymous User on

I created the mailbox via the SBS console and then set its limit to 4gb
instead of the default 2gb.

I am then using a seperate box running the 32bit exch2007 tools and
powershell to import the mailbox from a PST. The mailbox in question was
too big (2.2gb) and so I exported it into 2 PST files, one with deleted
only, and one with everything else.

The import works fine until it hits the 2gb limit and says:

Import-Mailbox : Error was found for Test User2 (TestUser2(a)
because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. This mailbox exceeded
the maximum number of corrupted items specified for this move mailbox
operation., error code: -1056749110

When I go into Outlook 2007 under this user and try to compose/save a
message, it says:

"Mailbox Cleanup" You have exceeded the size limit on your mailbox.

If I right click mailbox, properties, folder size --> 2097166 KB which is
technically 14KB over a 2Gb limit.

If I run this powershell command:

get-mailbox | ft name,*quota*

And it was 4gb.

Any ideas ???