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Il giorno Gio 21 Gen 2010 14:33:16 CET, RaSca ha scritto:
> What else should i check?
> I know that these information may be few for giving me help, but I'm
> trying to find out a way for understanding what is happening.

Thanks to my friend Mauro, I finally solved the problem.
The problem was that those mail were received by postfix when i was
renaming the clamav's content_filer, which in origin was:

content_filter = scan:

once renamed it in

content_filter = clamav:

and restarted postfix (and clamav, of course) those mail arrived during
the restart were pointing to the wrong transport:

Jan 21 15:06:06 mail-2 postfix/qmgr[31542]: warning: connect to
transport scan: Connection refused

so, the fastest solution was to launch a

postsuper -r ALL

to force the re-queuing of all messages.

So, the right approach was to look the queue, forcing one message to
flush and look in the log for some errors.

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