From: bruno on

I have a problem with replication on SQLServer 2000 SP4.
This server is publisher and distributor.
I have 2 publications:
One merge
One transactionnal
They both are anonymous susbscriptions

I have left the default SQLServer parameters :
- For distributor : 72 hours for keeping the transations
- For publications 15 days validation

A snaphot for both publications is generated every night

The connection and the replication is made on client through a VB6
application and the microsoft ActiveX for replication

My problem is :

For transactionnal replication 72 hours is too short. If a client has not
connected within these 72 hours his subscription is not valid anymore.
On the publication server if I am looking in the Replication Monitor, in the
Distribution Agents the client has "disappear"
And on the client I can't use SQLDistribution.ReinitializeSubscription
because I have a error message saying that the subscription has been dropped

I must connect to the client with Entreprise Manager go to the folde
subscription and reinitialize this subscrption.
And then it works. When the client connects to synchronize he gets all the
snapshot and it's ok.

But I can't do this operation every 3 days for each client.
So how can I do, by programmation, to tell a client to reinitialize ?
I can't find such a command on the ActiveX.
The SQLDistribution.ReinitializeSubscription command seems to be only for
the publisher but not for the subscriber

How can I do the operation I make with Enterprise Manager on the client by
programmation ?