From: Holysmoke on
Hi All,

I am having a tough time in implementing personalization my webpart controls.
It seem none of the approaches (Personalization attribute or IPersonalizable
interface) is not working.

on button click I tried to update the property selectedvalues(see below)
which is never persisted on db. Whenever I reload the page after closing and
reopening the browser, I never see the last value saved.

(Note : Class ProviderControlBase are our standard classes derived from
webcontrol and I hope that is not related to personalization problem)

Partial Public Class BOXICProvider
Inherits Sirti.WebParts.UserControls.ProviderControlBase
Implements Sirti.WebParts.ParameterProviderWP.IParameterProviderControl

<WebBrowsable()> _
<Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared)> _
Public Property SelectedValues() As String
If txtBoxIC.Text Is Nothing Or txtBoxIC.Text.Length < 0 Then
Return String.Empty
Return txtBoxIC.Text
End If
End Get
Set(ByVal value As String)
txtBoxIC.Text = value
End Set
End Property

End Class

Please WebPartManager is declared on master page , WebPartZone and other
controls required for webparts are declared in content page. Is it the cause
of the problem?