From: mingodad on
Hello !

I'm managing to update UnderC C/C++ interpreter to work with modern c+
+ compilers, actually it works on windows with gcc 4, compiles on
linux but doesn't work properly, and crash with vc++ 2008.

I think that will be a great framework having FLTK and UnderC working
together, will be easy to prototype/experiment with FLTK and when
ready just recompile with a c++ compiler if speed isn't good enough.

UnderC from as is
doesn't compile with modern compilers but with a bit of work I managed
to get it working on windows with gcc 4 and I'm asking people that can
be interested to try it and help make it solid like FLTK.

Anyone interested can grab the reworked sources at

Thanks in advance for any help/comments/ideas to it !

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