From: Astley Le Jasper on
Hi Robin,

It looks like you've been busy. I'm sorry but you are well over my
head at the moment!


If you need me to test an install then I'd be happy to help. However,
I just received an email from Christoph Gohlke saying:

" ... There are 64 bit versions of Reportlab and PIL for Python 2.6
for Windows available at



From: DreiJane on

i've used reportlabs over two years now and was content with its
quality. These days i have turned to cairo and can only recommend to
do so: It is still easier to use (than the well-designed reportlabs
tools) and an engine working in a lot of other software too, for
example firefox.

Reasons for this: reportlabs do not even answer question about the
date to upgrade to Python3. Since Platypus isn't complete, i had to do
a lot with the primitves in the canvas object after all - that part of
my code got even shorter with cairo. For me - working with pygtk -
that spares two installations also.

To repear myself: I love cairo.

Regards, Joost