From: JGPatrick on
On my spreadsheet I have created a table using an MS Query query, creating
the table via File/Return data to Excel. This creates a table in my worksheet
and a connection that shows up in my existing connections dialog. I have no
problems refreshing the table using the refresh button.

However, in VBA this table does not show up in the Querytables collection
for that worksheet when I print out the names of the items in the collection
in the immediate window. Meanwhile, a connection created using the From Text
button on the Data tab does show up.

Does anyone have any insight as to why the MS Query does not show up, and
how I can get it to show up? Otherwise, as far as I know, there is no way to
manipulate it or refresh it via VBA.

From: joel on

How are you referening the collection? Are you starting the indexing at

Usually I get all the queries on the worksheet using the following

for each qry in sheets("sheet1").queries
msgbox("Query Name : " &
next qry

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