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Hi Mow,

I know it's been over a month but I have spend a lot of time trying to test
these programs between work and chores.

Anyway after testing they ones you suggested and a hand full of others, the
winner is NOD.

I really can not believe I did not have that program sooner. What a
wonderful difference in my computer. You would almost think I purchased a
new computer, as this program uses so much less resources than CA did.

I guess it goes to show you sometimes we get stuck in our old habits and
stick with what we now well. I have to say the hours I spent testing
programs paid off as I will be much happier with my machine now. I also know
what to recommend to people that do not want to pay anything.

Unless NOD screws up, they will be getting my business and the place I works
business for a long time. Not to mention everyone I fix machines for.

Thanks for your recommendations.
Three Cheers.
"MowGreen" <mowgreen(a)> wrote in message
> Avast/AntiVir/NOD32/F-Secure all offer worthy AVs that are compatible with
> Windows and will *usually*, never cause issues when the OS updates.
> They also offer forms of security suites that I tend to steer away from
> as, like yourself, I use an AV that focuses on malware prevention instead
> of a suite that will make my bed in the morning, clean my house, back up
> my data, and guard my toilet.
> The first 2, Avast and AntiVir, offer free AV versions for Home Use.
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> V wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have been using the same antivirus for years, (CA Etrust) I have used
>> this
>> since 2000. I have had very rare issues with this program and never any
>> conflicts with
>> Windows Updates.
>> What I am interested in finding out today is what other antivirus
>> programs
>> play well with Windows Updates?
>> I read all the time in this NG about different AV products causing issues
>> during update.
>> You may be wondering why I am considering changing if I have been happy,
>> well the company has made major changes to the most recent program
>> version
>> and is now sending notices about upgrading on a regular basis.
>> I use an antivirus program for just that viruses, not spyware etc. I use
>> different programs for other things, I don't like all in one programs.
>> Now
>> CA forces you to get protection other than virus protection in a full
>> package.
>> So any suggestions on a good Windows friendly antivirus program? Can't be
>> a
>> free one because I will also use it on some business computers and I
>> prefer
>> not to use McAfee or Norton.
>> Thanks.