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West End

Hair opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London on September 27, 1968
with the same creative team as the Broadway production. The opening
night was delayed until the abolition of theatre censorship in England
under the Theatres Act 1968.[37] As with other early productions, the
London show added a sprinkling of local allusions and other minor
departures from the Broadway version.[38]

The original London tribe included Sonja Kristina, Paul Nicholas,
Richard O'Brien, Melba Moore, Elaine Paige, Paul Korda, Marsha Hunt,
Floella Benjamin, Alex Harvey , Oliver Tobias, J. Vincent Edwards and
Tim Curry. This was Curry's first full-time theatrical acting role,
where he met future Rocky Horror Show collaborator O'Brien.[39] Hair's
engagement in London surpassed the Broadway production, running for
1,997 performances[38] until its closure was forced by the roof of the
theatre collapsing in July 1973.[40]
[edit] Early international productions

The job of leading the foreign language productions of Hair was given
to Bertrand Castelli, Butler's partner and executive producer of the
Broadway show.[41] Castelli was a writer/producer who traveled in
Paris art circles and rubbed elbows with Pablo Picasso and Jean
Cocteau. Butler described him as a "crazy showman... the guy with the
business suit and beads".[42] Castelli made the decision to do the
show in the local language of each country at a time when Broadway
shows were always done in English.[41] The translations followed the
original script closely, and the Broadway stagings were used. Each
script contained various local references, such as street names and
the names or depictions of local politicians and celebrities. Castelli
produced companies in France, Germany, Mexico and other countries,
sometimes also directing the productions.[41]

A German production, directed by Castelli,[41] opened in 1968 in
Munich;[43] the tribe included Donna Summer and Liz Mitchell (of Boney
M). A successful Parisian production of Hair opened on June 1, 1969.
[44] The original Australian production premiered in Sydney on 6 June
1969. It was produced by Harry M. Miller and directed by Jim Sharman,
who also designed the production. The tribe included Keith Glass and
then Reg Livermore as Berger, John Waters as Claude and Sharon Redd as
The Magician. Redd was one of six African-Americans brought to
Australia to provide a racially-integrated tribe.[45][46] The
production broke local box-office records and ran for two years, but
because of some of the language in the show, the cast album was banned
in Queensland and New Zealand. It transferred to Melbourne in 1971 and
then had a national tour. The production also marked the stage debut
of Boston-born Australian vocalist Marcia Hines.[46]

Another notable production was in the former Yugoslavia (Belgrade),
the first Hair to be produced in a communist country.[47] Directed by
local female producer-director Mira Trailović[48] and attended by
president Tito, the Belgrade production was a favorite of authors Rado
and Ragni, with Ragni declaring "there's no middle class prejudices
here". Local references added to the script included barbs aimed at
Mao Ze-dong as well as Albania, Yugoslavia's traditional rival.[41]

By 1970, Hair was a huge financial success, and nineteen productions
had been staged outside of North America, including productions in
Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Italy, Israel, Japan,
Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.[28]
According to Billboard, the various productions of the show were
raking in almost $1 million every ten days, and royalties were being
collected for 300 different recordings of the show's songs, making it
"the most successful score in history as well as the most performed
score ever written for the Broadway stage."[49]
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