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A slight addition in the above formula
Place the cursor in A1 cell and apply the conditional formatting formula,
Active cell should be F1. (Active cell will have a white Background after
selection also)

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"vinu" wrote:

> Hi,
> Mistakenly I removed the previous post... That I pasted some parts
> below.
> Actually Jacob helped me on highlighting the renewal date with 10 days
> window with a conditional formula and I incorporated that to highlight
> the crossed out dates by conditioning the cell with
> "=OR(F1<=TODAY(),F1<TODAY())" with Patterning YELLOW.
> As I formatted the entire column the cells that was blank also turn
> Yellow.
> Any help....
> Regards,
> Vinu
> >>>>>>>I have some vehicle data that we update time to time.
> The below is an eg from the data
> Coolum no Heading Data
> C Vehicle License Plate Number TN 07 S 0003
> D Vehicle Type Sumo
> E Vehicle Year 2008
> F Insurance renewal date 31-03-2010
> In that we have a renewal date in one column I wanna assign some
> automated indication(i.e.with some formulas in condition formatting)
> to alert us priory on renewal date...
> >>Jacob-----------1. Select the cell/Range (column F). Please note that the cell reference F1
> mentioned in the formula is the active cell in the selection. Active
> cell
> will have a white background even after selection
> 2. From menu Format>Conditional Formatting>
> 3. For Condition1>Select 'Formula Is' and enter the below formula
> =AND(F1>=TODAY(),F1<TODAY()+10)
> 4. Click Format Button>Pattern and select your color (say Red)
> 5. Hit OK
> PS: If you are using XL2007 Goto Home tab>Styles>Conditional
> Formatting>Manage rules>New rule>Use a formula to determine which
> cells to
> format. Enter the formula in the box below.
> Adjust the 10 to suit...The current formula will highlight dates which
> are
> due in 10 days
> .
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