From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki on
Updated against mmotm-Mar9.

This patch set's feature is
- add filter to memcg's oom waitq.
- oom kill notifier for memcg.
- oom kill disable for memcg.

Major changes since previous one are
- add filter to wakeup queue.
- use its own function and logic rather than reusing thresholds.
- some minor fixes.

If oom-killer disabled, all tasks under memcg will sleep in memcg_oom_waitq.
What users can do when memcg-oom-killer is disabled is:
- enlarge limit.
- kill some task. ---(*)
- move some task to other cgroup. (with account migration)
(This patchset doesn't handle a case when account migraion isn't set.)

The benefit of (*) is that the user can save information of all tasks before
killing and he can take coredump (by gcore.) of troublesome process.

I'm now wondering when I remove RFC...but I think this will not have
much HUNK with dirty_ratio sets.

If some codes are unclear, feel free to request me.


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