From: Jon Severinsson on
Hello everyone

Firstly, please note that I'm new to the kernel community, so if I'm doing
something wrong, just please politely point it out to me and I'll try to fix
it, or at the very least not do it again. Also please bear in mind that
English isn't my native language.

Anyway, I recently realised that while the CIFS file system driver in Linux
does supports posix acl retrieval and modification using the getfacl and
setfacl command line tools, it does not use acl for client side permission
checking. On the server side Samba does consult the acl, but that doesn't
really help when cifs.ko never even asks the server, due to the users only
source of permission being from an acl.

I'm attaching a first attempt at implementing it. I have tested it, but only on
a single setup, so I can give no guarantees to its portability. Also please
note that this is my first kernel patch, so if I'm doing something wrong, such
as not following some coding standard, please enlighten me and I'll gladly fix

I only subscribed to the linux-fsdevel list, so please include it in any
response you might send.

Best Regards
Jon Severinsson