From: raymond on
Baby my love I just want to say that I love you and just to let you that I am for-ever greatful for having
you in my life. Baby Im sorry for my behaviors and what may seem the unwillingness to change
I am in such state of under minded negative and hopeless state I also fear for my life in every
sense of the word I have shamefully neglected my life and it has tranformed me into a lost soul
I am so afraid of the unknown and only me can fully relate to that" im so tired of the recurring habbits
it never ends change is so hard on me because of my mental state ( sycosis) and my career of being
an addict I am lost I dont fill that a program is healthy in a sense of my issues pertaining to people
its almost not exsistent in my head because its unhealthy for me to put mself in that situation knowing
the end result baby I love you and the day I lose you will deathly consume me.. please stay positive
and keep being you you are number one always and for-ever please accept my deepest apology for
my transgressions and demons on you. I love you Darryl M Hendrix... Oh im smoking a cigarette in the room.....