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Zach Bartels wrote:
> As far as what I've been exposed to, Simutronics' GemStone IV
> (current incarnation of GemStone, I started when it was still GS III
> ) has pretty rich world and I'm guessing very good parser. I often
> found myself frustrated that I couldn't use commands that seemed like
> "common sense" on a lot of the free MUD's I've tried over the years,
> as compared to what I was used to w/GemStone. It is a pay to play
> MUD (one of the few I know of) that has been around for almost two
> decades now. Although I fear its reaching the end due to poor
> decisions on the companies part. But it's where a lot of my
> inspiration for the kind of "single player environment" I'd like to
> make, comes from.

The best MUD on which I ever played was the Discworld MUD - The world is
amazing, and the parser is ridiculous.
> Re: Google wave. Never heard of it until I looked it up, sorry! :p
> I'm not sure I would make for good conversation anyway. I'm also
> terribly shy when it comes to actual verbal conversation....
Verbal? In Google Wave, it's still about typing stuff, although there
are ways to talk to other people.

> yeah. But I'm sure anyone in the discussion would be lightyears
> ahead of me in terms of implementation - I do make for good
> "brainstorming" of ideas though, no doubt. Part of the reason I
> decided it's best to start learning is, I knew I'd never find any sane
> coder who would let me dictate all these weird ideas and the ways
> things should work, especially for free! ;)
I'm actually really curious... :-) I think I would enjoy that, as long
as I am allowed to balk at things that are too strange or too
un-Ruby-ish :)

Good luck though.. We'll be here!
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