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Release Notes - 2010-05-16
New Features
New navigation options: Page Up, Page Down, Top of Directory, Bottom
of Directory. See documentation (
documentation) for hotkey assignments.
Write D64 to Disk
Write Disk to D64
Configuration program
Generic Loader in CBMCommand.d64

Removed the dropdown menus. All functions have at least one hotkey.
Default panels allow you to enter CBM-Command with your favorite drive
ready to go.
Added function keys and function key bar at bottom of screen.
Moved status bar to top of screen.
Many, many, many bug fixes.

Known Issues
Getting directory for drive without a disk prints garbage
Writing D64 to disk does not check the target drive for correct type

Download at
From: Payton Byrd on
I haven't gotten any bug reports this week and there have been 60+
downloads of the current release between CodePlex and CSDb. I would
like to go ahead and publish a beta this weekend unless anybody knows
of a show-stopping bug.