From: Dominik Brodowski on

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 01:37:10PM +0200, Christian Dietrich wrote:
> CONFIG_PCMCIA_IOCTL doesn't exist in Kconfig, therefore removing all
> references for it from the source code. PCMCIA_IOCTL was removed partly
> in a3f916f2c84f2b9e1d32cc0dbfe326a9e380dbfb, but there were a few pieces
> scattered over the source tree, because they are never selected they can
> be removed.

the code is still in there on purpose -- it is only scheduled for removal
for 2.6.36. See Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt for details. For
2.6.36, I've already applied a patch to the PCMCIA tree, which you may find

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