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JD wrote:
> When I built my current computer, the one I'm using to post this
> message, I bought duplicate parts and built a second computer. For ease
> of discussion, the original computer is #1 and the second computer is #2.
> I have cloned the two hard drives from #1 and put them into #2. It works
> but there are some hardware differences between #1 and #2 so #2 wants to
> be authenticated, etc but I don't want to do that. I want to be able to
> use both computers.
> If I buy Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3 OEM can I use that disk
> to basically install that version onto hard drive #2 without losing
> everything on HD #2?
> According to the following web page, what I want to do is possible:
> Is the information on the above web page correct?

I finally got around to cloning the two hard drives in this computer and
installing them into the similar computer that I built a few months ago.
I edited the registry to force a new registration and was able to change
the product code to my third copy of Windows XP Upgrade and everything
is working.

Acronis True Image Home 2009 doesn't work on the new machine so I
removed as much of it as I could and will deal with that later. This is
a backup computer so I'm not too concerned about backing it up.

I haven't had time to test everything on the new computer but so far
everything I've done has been successful.

Thanks to everyone for steering me to the Product Code change idea.

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