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Jose wrote:

> On Feb 18, 3:14 pm, "PA Bear [MS MVP]" <PABear...(a)> wrote:
>>I think it disingenuous at best to consider malware writers & botnet owners
>>HeyBub wrote:
>>>This is not the first time Microsoft has changed an un-documented item to
>>>the cost of developers.
> Their efforts are sometimes clever, usually merely annoying and fairly
> easy to outsmart.
> I think there is some sick, twisted and perverted reward (there -
> that's all the good words) and competition between the authors to see
> who can be the most likely to induce a complete reinstall of Windows
> when some person on the receiving end is unable or unwilling to try to
> figure out their products and fix the problem and just gives up.
> Victory is theirs!
> They could certainly be malicious and destructive if they wanted to
> be, but so far... they seem to be mostly just annoying.

No the 'bot herders want to remain UNdetected. They DON'T want to lose
control of a PC as it is in their best interest to keep the PC working
for them.

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VanguardLH wrote:
> HeyBub wrote:
>> "According to security vendor Prevx, the authors of the rootkit which was
>> the cause of a large number of unbootable systems which applied the MS10-015
>> patch issued last week have issued a patch to fix the incompatibility."
>> All your roots belong to us...
> So rather than get RID of the rootkit malware, users are expected to get an
> update to the malware. Uh huh.
> In similar manner, put the malware authors up against a wall and I'll SHOOT
> them in their heads with hollow-point bullets. Then I'll offer to remove to
> the flattened bullets, bend them into a slightly different form, and then
> hammer them back into their dead brains. Works for me.

I'll bring the popcorn and refreshments, Vanguard.

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Never Forgotten
"Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked
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