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I've been playing around with an alternative for loading dependent
libraries in Ruby --something that's been sitting in the back of my
mind for some time, but I hadn't taken the time to attempt a serious
implementation until now.

The core idea is pretty simple. Instead of loading a dependency into
the toplevel, Bezel loads it into an anonymous module. This then gives
the programmer a handle with which to use the library. This is done
via the #lib method. Eg. Lets say you have a gem with this basic


And foo.rb looks like:

class FooThing

Then with 'bezel' pre-loaded:

module MyApp
FooDependency = lib('foo', '1.0')
FooDependency::FooThing ...

This load technique completely removes any worry about version
conflicts --you can use different versions of the same library in a
single process.

But this is a major shift in the way we are accustomed to loading
libraries, so there are some important aspects to consider, such as
core extensions being outside the scope of Bezel, and the need to use
Bezel's #import method to load support files within a library.

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