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I want to remind everyone to register ( for Ruby
Midwest before May 15 to get the Early Bird pricing of $75.

If you're not already doing so, then be sure to start following @RubyMidwest
( on Twitter to keep up with announcements,
contests, and discounts!

I've listed the speakers and talks below, but check out the Speakers page ( on the website for more details.


* Yehuda Katz - Keynote
* Chris Wanstrath - Keynote
* Joshua French - A New Set of Wheels: Leveraging Ruby for System
* Luigi Montanez - Civic Hacking
* John Williams - Cooking 101 - Getting Started with Chef
* Kyle J. Ginavan, Ryan Felton - Integration Testing Strategies: Locally
and on the Grid
* Adam McCrea - jQuery and Rails, Sitting in a Tree
* Charles Nutter - JRuby
* Aman Gupta & Joe Damato - Memprof: the ruby level memory profiler
* Brandon Dimcheff - Metawhat? A look into the mysterious metaclass
* Steven Bristol - Mobile Safari Apps
* John Hwang - Object Oriented, Unobtrusive CSS
* Alex Sharp - Practical Ruby Projects with MongoDB
* Travis Swicegood - Pragmatic Guide to Git
* Rob Kaufman & Patrick Crowley - Real World Rails: Migrating Legacy Data
* Nick Quaranto - Redis: Persistence Power
* Jeremy Evans - Ruby Techniques By Example
* Mark Daggett - Surviving the last 20%: Indispensable real-world tips
and techniques for Facebook development that pick up where Facebook gems and
plugins leave off.
* Wesley Beary - User Experience for Library Designers
* Cory Flanigan - Zero to Hero

Luke Pillow