From: fuglyducky on
On May 25, 12:40 am, Robert Dober <> wrote:
> Not at all, small methods are considered good by many, I just had the
> thought that you might call them in the initializer. As you did not
> define accessors to the instance variables I did not see any reason to
> keep the "intermediate" state between the method calls.
> But again it is amazingly nice for a beginner. (I almost believe that
> you are just humble)
> Keep us updated about your progress :)
> Cheers
> R.

Thank you both for the information! I was able to get it working with
your help. I think I may need to rethink my entire script (I'll create
a new post for that one because it's beyond my understanding of Ruby
(or any other language)...which is minimal.