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Peter Hollenbeck wrote:
> I have a simple web services client written in Java. The essence of it
> is about 30 lines of code. It sends an XML message of about 20 lines to
> a web service and receives an XML response that may be as many as 8000
> lines. I have searched the web and have bought the books Programming
> Ruby and Agile Web Development with Rails but find nothing that leads me
> to what I need.
> I would appreciate suggestions.
> Peter

Hi All,

I have created a stand alone webservice tool to access any webservice
using ruby.
Just give the url , it will show you all the available method and let u
access them.
You need ruby gem Saop4r for it. It uses WSDL2Ruby as the core
you can download my source code from below location :-

The attachment is a .jpg file.Change its extension to .zip and then
unzip it.

Read the main.rb file for more instructions....
Email me at akshay.dce(a) for feedback or any queries.....

Akshay Jangid

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