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Root Module (code)
Module 'Roots' provides two methods 'root' and 'roots' which will find all the nth roots for all real, and complex , numerical types. View and download code here: Install process: Place module file 'roots.rb' into 'lib' directory of ruby version. Then from irb session, or... 3 Jun 2010 13:23
Permutations that include sub-arrays in ruby?
Ruby has a terrific implementation of single-valued permutations, but it doesn't yield the results I expected when using arrays of arrays. For example: [[1, 2], [2, 3]].permutation.to_a.include? [2, 1] => false The reason is that there's no permutation of the sub-arrays, just of the top-level array el... 3 Jun 2010 13:23
watir 1.6.5, ruby 1.8.7 and character encoding problem
Hi, I was updating my tests to work for watir 1.6.5 and ruby 1.8.7 since I had them before on watir 1.5.3 and ruby 1.8.6. Since then when I try to set a text field on any web page the characters don't correspond to the original ones and that was working perfectly before. The code I was using was: require 'wati... 3 Jun 2010 12:15
dynamicaly define a method which body can contain yield
Hello, So i try to define a methode by providing a bloc which can contain a yield. I got a error 'no block given (yield)' on yield execution Here is my test code : class B def p1 ; puts "p1"; end def p2 ; puts "p2 1" ; yield ; puts "p2 2" ; end def self.add_tag(name,&blk) puts "defined... 3 Jun 2010 14:30
Split text into equal characters but keeping whole words
Hi, I have text that is petty large. What i want to do is split it into an array of no more than 250 characters per line but finishing on a full word at the end of each line. So if the last word was "ruby" but 'b' was the 250th character in the line then i want the line to cut off before ruby and then start at... 3 Jun 2010 06:44
Doubly Link List
How to do Doubly link list in ruby . -append(node) -search(node) -delete(node) -- Posted via ... 3 Jun 2010 03:28
ruby-1.9.1-p378 hangs on make ripper.c
The ruby-1.9.1-p378 compile hangs on make ripper.c. I am not sure why. Is anybody else seeing this? Attachments: -- Posted via ... 3 Jun 2010 02:23
TCPSocket error
Hi all, I am a student learning ruby and I am getting an error that I can't figure out. It works on my teacher's mac, however does not on my laptop. Windows Vista 64-bit My ruby version is: 1.9.1p378 (2010-01-10 revision 26273) [i386-mingw32] Here is what I've tried in cmd irb irb(main):002:0> requir... 3 Jun 2010 14:30
webserver status, need better approach
Hey, I need a better way of checking if a webserver is online and operational. The following code works ok, but it sometimes returns the wrong result. Does anyone have a better approach? //Walle def check_http(server) Timeout::timeout(10.0) do if(Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse("http://#{server}.some... 2 Jun 2010 17:35
Simple hack to get $500 to your home.
Simple hack to get $500 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on left side below search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque.please dont tell to anyone. ... 2 Jun 2010 14:14
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