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On 2009-12-04, mark.russel.mitchell(a) <mark.russel.mitchell(a)> wrote:
> I want to run Linux on my new pavilion laptop, but there's a bug
><> in the mainline
> kernel (after recovering from sleep, the battery is not seen), that
> makes the machine impractical for my desired use.
> Apparently, the bug is fixed in kernel version 2.6.32-rc8. I have
> recompiled kernels before in Slackware, but never in my preferred
> distro, (k)ubuntu. I've tried doing it in ubunutu, but the package
> build failed, and I can't figure out why.
> So, my question is, is there a distro that has this bug fixed in their
> distributed kernel, or has a working (for me) kernel in their package
> manager.
> If all else fails, I'll put Slackware on for a month or two until the
> fixed bug does make it into a distributed kernel, but I'd rather not.
> I liked Slackware, but IMHO it needs more customizing than I have time
> for.
I found the Ubuntu Kernel Team's mainline build page. This page has
the mainline kernels, built using ubuntu's kernel config for i386 and

The description page is at;

and the archive itself is at;

Thanks to everybody for their help.