From: Jeffrey R. Carter on
On May 28, 6:25 am, "Peter C. Chapin" <pcc482...(a)> wrote:
> 1. V. Donezeau-Gouge, G. Kahn, and B. Lang. On the formal definition of Ada.
> In Semantics-Directed Compiler Generation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,
> vol 94, pp 475-489, Springer, Berlin, 1980
> 2. D. Bjorner and O.N. Oest. Towards a Formal Description of Ada, Lecture
> Notes in Computer Science, vol 98, Springer, Berlin 1980.
> I understand that the efforts above were incomplete and even then only apply
> to Ada 83. I also understand that few full scale languages have a formal
> semantics (do any?). It seems a shame, though, that Ada does not have one
> considering especially the way Ada is used.

I think you're mistaken: these applied only to Ada 80 (MIL-STD-1815).
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