From: Pranil on
I have had this problem a couple of times on the server. The SQL Agent would
be running but it would not start any new schedueld jobs. Restarting the SQL
Agent Service puts everything back to normal and jobs start to execute on
schedule. The error in the SQL Agent log is:

[382] Logon to server '' failed (JobManager).
[382] Logon to server '' failed (ConnUpdateStartExecutionDate)

There are several entries of this error every time a job is scheduled to
run. The job itself doesn't report a failure, it just doesn't do anything.

The account used by the SQLAgent is an admin on the machines running the SQL
Server and has all the access required. I am running SQL 2005 in a cluster on
Windows 2003 server (Microsoft Windows NT 5.2 (3790)). This happens on
average, once every 2-3 weeks and so far I have not been able to find a
pattern. I have seen reports of other people having this problem on the net
but so far there doesn't seem to be a solution.