From: ben brugman on

> Hi Ben
> If a customer said we wish to buy your application but only if we can
> stick
> it on our existing instance which is already Latin1_General_CI_AS what
> would
> you do?

Net been there yet, probably talk with the customer and (up until this
problem) if
the customer would stick to the above we would choose to have 'our' database
SQL_latin1.... (Only problem is then the tempdb ?).

> SQL Server is only giving you issues because you have used a specific
> collation in some off the DDL, without these you would not have had any
> issues and in fact may not have even noticed the difference.

We might revert the specific DDL to the 'default' values, the number of
specified in DDL is far less than the user defined types which are default.
(I have a look into this suggestion).

> If you feel that you have to test your application for each collation,
> then
> you may want to make sure that it works for all 4 combinations of the two
> collation and hopefully your testing is automated!
It's not economic feaseble to do this so we might go with your suggestion
revert to completely compatibility with the instance and you are probably
correct that
if all is Latin1 that we do not notice any difference ever. I would not
expect any problems.
Most specified fields are not indexed either so the problem might be small
(So this limites the fields which have to be corrected)

Thanks again for your support and attention,
Ben Brugman

> John