From: Grant Morgan on

Posting this to the general SQL Server forum, as there don't seem to be any
messags in the ReportingServices one....

I have recently started testing SQL 2008 R2, and have experienced an issue
with Reporting Services via SOAP API.

If using SQL 2008 (not R2) I have reports that when you call the Render
method (rendering to Image/EMF), return the list of StreamIDs that I can use
to work out the number of pages (ExecutionInfo.NumPages always returns zero,
even when called after the Render method - don't know why that is.) I can
then render each page of the file to EMF format.

I have moved the exact same reports to SQL 2008 R2, and the exact same code
calling the Render method returns a list of zero StreamIDs (and zero
numpages) so no matter what I do I can only get the first page of the report.

I have tried putting a "Globals!..." expression in the page footer such as
Number of Pages or Execution time, but still cannot get more than 1 page. The
really wierd thing is that when i render the first, and only available page,
the Total number of pages field I've put in the footer shows the correct
number of pages - 7 in this case.

Wondering if anyone knows what could be causing this problem. I've googled
the hell out of this and have acknowledged the "on-demand" processing issue,
but have also seen that putting a Globals! expression into the report is
meant to change this....