From: Ch.Mueller on
I take C# and there is no increasing of memory in taskmanager
and: when I take 5 programms (not only 3) there is no error in 4h


Mubashir Khan schrieb:

> check for memory leaks in your program ... could u check through task
> manager whether the process size is always increasing ... if yes .......
> serious issue..........
> "Ch.Mueller" <Ch.Mueller(a)> wrote in message
> news:4rvujqFtavt6U1(a)
>>I have 3 programs with about 20 Threads. The programs read and write to a
>>SQL-Server-DB. After 20 min. there is an error in one Programm during a
>>select-statement (the same works 20 min. without error).
>>'SQLOLEDB' failed with no error message available, result code:
>>Know someone what' wrong?

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