From: ben brugman on
Dear reader,

At the moment I am strugling with the deployment and configuration of a set
of SSIS packages.

I have one package [A] which calls the packages A1, A2 and A3.

Each package starts with reading the parameters from a database. I found a
script on the web which does read all the matching parameters from the
database into the package. ( Thanks
for that script.

But each script (A1,A2,A3) still needs the location of the database where to
read the parameters, I use to variables for that, one for the servername,
one for the databasename. (Bootstrap problem).

I use xp_cmdshell to start the package [A], which in turn starts the
packages A1, A2 and A3.
So for all three packages the location where to read the parameters have to
be present in the variables of the package.
(Three times the same bootstrap problem).
(I could start A1, A2 and A3 after eachother with the 2 (server,database)
parameters supplied in the call).

I intend to start the package [A] from a stored procedure (on demand), which
gets called from a report (SSRS), so that a user can refresh the data on

My problems:
Is there a better way than using xp_cmdshell to execute the packages from
within a stored procedure ?
Is there a better way to get the first variables (which define where the
parameters are) to the three packages ?
Should I use configuration files, or one configuration file?

In General what is BEST PRACTISE (or best practise) for variables, for
bootstrapping the variables and for starting a package on demand ?

Thanks for your time and attention,
Ben Brugman

From: Michael MacGregor on
I would say you'd be better off posting this to the appropriate newsgroup
rather than this one, i.e. microsoft.public.sqlserver.integrationsvcs where
you will find much more specific help for this topic.

Still I'm curious as to the response that you will get as I'd be very
interested in the answer to this as well, just for general information.

Michael MacGregor

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