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i wanna share this MATH AND STAT tool with u all...

hope u ll enjoy this tool......

StatMax - Statistics & Finance Software

StatMax Component, containing over 70 computational tools, is an
ActiveX in process server (DLL) or DCOM component which can be used by
any OLE auto mation client or other COM component, including a VB
application, a Word document or Excel spreadsheet using VBScript, or
any other application or component written in a COM-compliant

The mathematical computations are provided categorized as:
Permutations Combinations, Factorials, Mean, Median, Weighted Average,
Standard Deviation Quartile Deviation, Covariance, Inter-quartile
Deviation, Kurtosis, Linear Correlation Population Variance, Rank
Correlation, Regression, Skewness for both grouped and ungrouped data,
Tailed test sampling, T Distribution, F Distribution Chi Square,
Probability, Binomial Distribution, Geometric Distribution, Poisson
Distribution, Normal/Gaussian Distribution. The StatMax suite offers
you unmatched value for money. It quickly performs complex
calculations, and can be programmed to perform composite calculations
in a stroke.

Download the software and it gives all answers in one click button,
very useful software... download it and enjoy....

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