From: Phil Mcdonnell on
Darryl! You just made my day! This does work. I've been banging my
head on the wall for a while here :) I had tried looking for the src
tag too, but not with the full path (only the referential path in the

Thank you!

Darryl Brown wrote:

> To click on this with Watir:
> You can use:
> @browser.button(:src, '
> us/shared/images/btn_login.gif').click
> This was captured using the Webmetrics script recorder
> It has a Watir compatible mode. You won't get a working
> script out of it but it good for identifying objects.
> Inspect Element using FireBug:
> <input type="image" border="0" onclick="javascript:loginNow();return
> false;" tabindex="5" style="margin-top: 5px; margin-left: 20px; margin-
> bottom: 22px;" alt="Login" src="/myca/logon/us/shared/images/
> btn_login.gif">
> A nice helper tool for identify page object such as this Webmetrics
> Good luck,
> Darryl

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