From: Prabhu Chawandi on
Hi All,

I am trying to settup the KGDB settup, for my STB BRCM board.

I have 3 UARTS -0,1,2 --

Boot the kdb enabled kernel.. but not able to get the --- gdb wait message --

I am setting up an environment for kernel debugging on my MIPS based
processor. In whatever document I read there I could get deatails of
debugging a PC but not the embedded board.
Still i tried to start session which was unsuccessful.

Configs enabled: CONFIG_KGDB=y

and I can see the change in size of the vmlinux.

while booting I have given command parameters :

boot -z -elf <vmlinuz path> "kgdb8250=1 115200" kgdbwait ------

but my kernel is not waiting for remote gdb to wait for the connection.

Am I missing anything ?

Help me to set it up ...

I had put pritnks I am getting

KGDB : kgdb_late_entry ..
KGDB: kgdb_arch_init .....
KDGB: kgdb_internal_init ....
KGDB: Setting kgdb_initialized ..

but normally going to login prompt ...

when I press ^C -- Breakpoint is catched -- then everyting come to halt ..

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