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Kelvin wrote:
> I have three laptops what have about the same issue.
> We use Verizon Air Cards that use the PCMCIA slot. Verizon card model number
> PC770 if it matters.
> I had a Dell laptop that was doing this and Dell ended up replacing the
> mother board as it seemed it was a hardware issue.
> With the new mother board in there was still no power (no lights on on the
> card) to the card.
> Ended up deleting the partition and reinstalling XP.
> The card now works.
> Did the same to a Dell PC Monday. Reinstalled XP from scratch, cards works.
> I have a Panasonic Toughbook I'm having the same issue with.
> I really don't want to have to reinstall the OS as it's has a number of
> specialty apps our mechanics use, and I have to send it off to be reimages
> as a result. I don't have access to the apps...
> Anyone run across this issue and found a solution?
> Anyone have any idea how to get this resolved?
> I can take a known good card and put it in my laptop and it works, put it in
> the laptop in questions, doesn't work.
> Take the card that the user had been using and put it in my laptop and it
> works.
> Very frustrating.
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> Kelvin

You're only assuming that because there are no lights on the card that
the is no power being supplied. Because it doesn't, in fact, seem to be
a hardware problem, perhaps there is a conflict that corrupts the driver
when you attempt to install it. Try using msconfig to disable all non-MS
apps and services and then install the card. Don't forget to clean up
remnants of previous install attempts. See this thread:

Another place to start would be to consider how the new installs of XP
differed from what was on the laptops previously. In other words, on the
the two Dells, did you install from a vanilla XP CD or from a Dell
restore CD. Assuming the former, what Dell software was installed but
now isn't there?

The fact that the same issue is happening with a Panasonic Toughbook
might actually help eliminate issues: what software is on both the
Toughbook and the Dells prior to the clean XP install?


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