From: RM270 on
Hello all. I have a list I am working with. The columns I am interested in
are Employee, Overtime Code, Pay and Comp. There are approximately 50
overtime codes. I need to strip out some of those numbers, and then total the
pay and comp columns for each employee. Like so:
Jones 1 4 0
Jones 6 4 0
Jones 5.02 0 4
Smith 5.02 0 4
Smith 7 1 0
Smith 9 2 0

I want to strip out the overtime codes of 1 and 9, so my totals will be
Jones 4 4
Smith 1 4

Any help on how to do this? I can do it in either a list or a regular range
of cells. I thought I macro might help, but I'm having trouble figuring out
how to do it.

Thanks for any help.