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"Bee" <Bee(a)> wrote in message

> Seems to have some code missing Mike.
> Studying what I have . . . [snip]

.. . . further to what I've just said in my previous post, perhaps the fact
that an "already created" sprite does not flip when you press the Ctrl key
is the cause of your apparent belief that there is not a routine in the code
to perform a flip (which in fact there is). As explained in my message
yesterday, this is just example code and almost certainly does not as yet
contain all the functions you might desire. For example (as I explained
yesterday) the current state of the "flip" toggle is as shown in the Form's
caption bar, and the state toggles each time you press the Ctrl key . . .
but . . . in this particular example, which is at the moment just testbed
code and not production code, the flip state affect ONLY the sprite you are
/about to draw/, not the sprite you have already drawn and are moving about
the display.


From: Bee on
As I said, my newsreader and MS communities were broken so I went to Google
groups and saw your code post.
I tried to do a copy paste and got to the bottom and I saw
More ...
or something like that.
so I clicked more ... and thought I saw all the code.
Not true.
Stuff in the middle was missing but did not know that.
I copied the code and tried to run but it did not run.
I looked through the copied code and saw that there was no form_load after
wondering what you meant by the hard coded path that I could not find.
So Jessica was missing too.

I have found that MS is back and I did a copy paste from there and found the
form_load and Jessica reference.
Well, since I do not have Jessica I had to put in Emma.
Now I can cur and paste on Emma as desired.
LOL !!!

Mike, Thanks!!!
I wlll study this working version now.