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Jason Carlton wrote:
> On Feb 12, 6:53 am, Andy Dingley <ding...(a)> wrote:
>> On 12 Feb, 09:46, Jason Carlton <jwcarl...(a)> wrote:
>>> I can't pretend to understand either, honestly. If I understand the
>>> purpose correctly, though, you would take a page with a lot of small
>>> images (like emoticons), and instead of using 50 separate images, you
>>> would compile them into a single large image. The purpose is to
>>> decrease the number of concurrent connections, which (allegedly) slow
>>> down the load time.
>> Sounds like obsolete voodoo code from the '90s. Don't.
>> (From curiosity though, where did you discover this?)
> My server was running slow recently with a high number of Apache
> processes, and one of the theories was to cut down on the number of
> HTTP-Requests. That's when someone suggested CSS sprites.
> A simple search for "css sprites" comes up with the same basic code
> structure:
> This one seems to explain the code side of it better:

Seems like a plan for a large number of similar images. I wonder how
much can be achieved by tinkering with cache control. An Apache group
may be more helpful.

Irregardless, shifting background images is interesting, I need to
make a magnifier, and it is one way to do it.